The Blair Academy was a vision that our CEO Charlie Blair had when she was a small child. She always knew that she wanted to help other people get into dance.


 In June 2018, her vision came into fruition.

The Blair Academy is a culmination of Charlie's experiences as a Hip Hop Dancer, Homeless Teen, and Carer for the Elderly. 

From testing ideas with Nanny Doreen in the living room, to calling every care home in her local area- Charlie grew the concept. 

Now, The Blair Academy works with a multitude of Care Homes, Day Centres, Hostels and schools. So far, we have helped over 2000 people access Hip Hop Dance.

Our Values

We are committed to developing relationships with everyone we interact with, which are meaningful, and have a positive impact on their lives. We hold ourselves accountable for delivering on our commitments.

We are non-judgemental. We reach and represent broad socio economic and culturally diverse groups.

We affirm the four principles of Hip Hop; Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun. We use these principles to educate and change perceptions regarding Hip Hop. 


Charlie Blair

Founder & CEO

Dennis George

Co-Director and Head of Media

Sophie Barker


Reetta Kivimaa


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