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No matter how many times we wake,

There’s always something waiting

To your right, to your left,

A full line of frustration

Lining up to spark its frustration

Upon your frustration.

Everybody has their days.

Happiness is gleaming in your mind, minding your own.

Frustration hovering,

Waiting to rain its heavy cloud

On your mind.

Holding you close, to make sure

You don’t wonder your mind elsewhere.

Where else could you possibly go?

When you have sunk so low.

Lower than low.

Continue reaching for that helping hand.

Family, friends, strangers or lovers.

You don’t need to cover…up.

Anyone who’s there,

Willing to lend you a listening ear.

Be free

Stress free


For your mind to become stress free,

Put it at ease and continue to achieve.

Just believe, that someone is willing to see

And help unlock your frustration.

Open your eyes and see

You have people who care,

Someone who will let you be,

Someone who will help

Your mind to be free.


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