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5 years of Health, Happiness and Hip Hop

Growing up, my house was always alive with music, loud, loud music which would cascade into the crevices in the walls and seep its way into my soul. Music has always moved me, and it always will.

Dedicating my life to making people healthy and happy through movement brings me so much joy and I can't quite believe my business baby is 5 years old this month.

I feel so incredibly lucky to have built the business to the point where I now have a team, over 20 classes per week, and have danced with thousands of people over the years. I read once that 70% of businesses fail in the first year, so to have made it this far is such an achievement. From dancing in my living room, to graduating from a dance degree and working in the dance industry, to owning my own dance business. I've been able to take this thing that I love and turn an idea from my mind into a social venture that impacts the lives of so many people.

There have been countless highs and lows in starting the business and keeping it going. I read recently, that an entrepreneurs journey is similar to that of an addict for both experience moments of exquisite ecstasy and pure agony, and both keep coming back for more. I totally agree. Almost everyday, running this business I feel extreme highs and lows. Yet I have this deep sense of resilience that keeps me pushing on. No matter how hard it gets, I go into a booking and immediately feel a huge sense of gratitude. I love what I do so much that I'm able to keep going through the difficult times.

After five years of running this business, I wanted to share some lessons that I feel I've learned along the way:

* There is a real anxiety that comes with not having a secure income. But this also balances out with the excitement that you're in control of your earning potential.

*You will not always be motivated, so you must be disciplined

*You have to be prepared to take accountability - there is no chain of people above you to blame

*The journey can be lonely at times, but that's okay. Keep pushing on, and make the right choices for you and your business

*Imposter syndrome will come - let go of it

*Be an expert at what you do - keep learning and improving

*Remember your 'WHY' - this is what will keep you going in tough times.


*take time to form authentic relationships with people. Remember the small details

*Go above and beyond for your clients and service users with pride

*imbed yourself in your industry - Network, Network, Network!

*Take weird and wonderful opportunities that don't make sense at the time. It will make sense eventually.

*Listen to people's stories

*Move with love and kindness, always. LOVE WINS

*One of the secrets of ageing well is to keep dancing

Ultimately, I still have a long way to travel on this journey of running a business and I still have so much to learn. I am so grateful for each and every person that has contributed to these past five years. It has been nothing short of incredible and. I couldn't have done it without all of the support. I'm so excited for the next five years and beyond. BA TO THE WORLD & BACK.

Dance matters so much to me because it’s been a constant in my life. It’s been a light for me in dark days. Dance started as a non-verbal outlet for me because I lacked confidence as a child. It has transpired to be my biggest confidence boost and daily drive. If the Blair Academy can help other people to discover why dance matters to them, I will have achieved my goal.

Big Big Love


Big Blairo



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