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Love at first sight: DANCE

It was 14 years BCovid-19. I was just a young boy you check. Jusssst entered high school, making all kinda trouble being a comedian or what others may refer to as “class clown” 😝.

Dance in physical education (PE) seemed to have just been introduced to the curriculum led by Lisa Catalano. It was a choice whether you wanted to do PE PE or do dance naturally majority of the boys gravitated towards PE and all the girls gravitated towards Dance. Now I saw that as an opportunity as a freshman to get some girlsss you check.

Because the moves them wa simple I had time to fool around and do alll kinda ting. I would be dancing dancing then go talk to a girl then back to dancing. I really enjoyed this class lol!

Today I can’t tell you if subconsciously I was actually enjoying dance rather than my original motive.

Shortly after Lisa introduced an after school club that focused on Latin and Ballroom dance.

I was like what?!

Dance + A partner

I’m there! Oooo 💃 💃

So I joined, still uncleared of my motives I was just trying to be cool and get some girls mehn.

Unlike PE where you can go and be mischievous and them ./:- This club was more serious and tailored to those who really wanted to learn about Latin dance, my sister also joined the club...

By time I realized that this wasn’t the party I thought it was, I was too invested with our FIRST performance approaching fast like MS I started to develop a deep passion and respect for this art form.

Now, remember when I stated that this club was a Latin and Ballroom dance club? here is where the story gets interesting...

Fun fact: This is my first blog so I can’t give you everything in my first ting soooo to be continued like 😁.

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