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The Creativity of Grief

Grief, we’ve all experienced it, for most of us we’re still going through it. From feeling sad because our first goldfish died to our grandparents passing. I’ve learnt that there are different depths of grief and everybody experiences it in various ways. In this blog I will explain how creativity was my way of healing and getting me through the emotions that I felt, and often feel when I take myself back. I hope this blog inspires you to be creative with grief.

My experience

In 2016 I lost my Dad to pneumonia and sepsis. Within the space of just a few years our relationship went from playing XBOX and football, to holding onto his arm as we walked in the town because I was so naïve that I thought arthritis was his ONLY problem. It’s weird, although I was aware of him being ill, I was completely oblivious and blinded to how vulnerable and fragile he truly was. However, a distant memory I recollect is that I could NEVER see him if I had a cold/cough, that made sense because people with pneumonia/sepsis are extremely vulnerable to colds.