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A moment with our Mentor

I retired from a role in the City in early 2018 so that I could do things that interested me. Most importantly I wanted to spend time with my family but I also wanted to remain active. My background is in Finance, business management and strategy and so I decided to become a trustee of a few local charities focused on preventing social isolation as well as becoming a governor in a small number of schools and colleges.

The most enjoyable thing that I am involved in is acting as a mentor for businesses, social enterprises and charities that are either just starting up or looking to grow. It is really rewarding to work with passionate, enthusiastic people with great ideas who are prepared to work hard - and having seen Charlie's presentation, this is why I wanted to work with her ! More than a year later I have no regrets and it has been great to see the business develop from strength to strength.

My hope is that with everyone I work with, I can help in a small part in turning their ideas into reality. I am always happy to have a conversation so feel free to contact me at

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