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Did you know that over a million people aged 55 and over identify as LGBTQ+? This statistic in very important, especially in care home settings where you may find people in this age bracket. Here at The Blair Academy, we want to continue to support all our LGBTQ+ members during and outside of our hip hop dance classes and remain true to our inclusive nature in our teaching.

It is important that each month we continue to support one another, however this month gives us the opportunity to express just how much we value and support our LGBTQ+ participants. Conversations are vital in educating, and it is important that all staff have a good level of awareness to prevent any discrimination.

Let’s talk fun facts. Doris Day, who quickly became a gay icon in the 1950’s has some very popular songs such as ‘Whatever Will Be, Will be’ and ‘Pillow Talk’. A lot of our participants in our care homes are familiar with her songs, this is a great opportunity for us and others to mention how she is one of the greatest gay icons of all time! Bringing in LGBTQ+ facts and artists into care settings allows room for more people of the community to feel included and valued. Frank Ocean is one of our personal favourite LGBTQ+ representations in hip hop music.

This month we will be starting our sessions with a vocal celebration of “Happy LGBTQ+ History Month everyone!” because there is no better feeling then being accepted and we, at The Blair Academy want everyone to feel included and safe in all the classes that we teach.

Let’s continue to support one another.

Thank you for reading.

Written by our very own, Sophie.


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