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The Next Gen - Impatient Dreams

The Next Gen We’ve been inspired on a daily basis by the next generation of dancers who continue to push boundaries and challenge the norms of the dance scene, whilst still staying so unbelievably humble. Over the past few years, the older generation of dancers has been of such a high standard with multiple wins and awards under their belts, international credits, high end recognition and so much more. They bring the fire. Since the pandemic, We’ve begun to notice a shift where more of the older generation of dancers are stepping back from competing and the new generation are coming through stronger than ever. It’s almost like an army of movers who are dedicated, disciplined and have so much fun when they’re dancing. They are categorically unphased to try new things and soaking up information like sponges in order to improve their skills and abilities. It’s incredible to see. This shift was needed, as the scene began to grow, a change was due to evolve the path of the Street Dance community and to hand on some of the knowledge and information to the younger generation who can now begin to grow their careers in dance. We particularly want to commend the individuality of the up and coming generation of dancers. This wave has more flavour and personality in their movements than we’ve seen for a while and they come so hard with their training. You could watch them all day. I for one, can’t wait to see what they bring in the next few years and to watch their journey as they evolve into the dancers they want to be.



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