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Words of wisdom from our Dancers

We feel incredibly privileged to cross paths with a multitude of extraordinary people with such varied lived experiences through our work.

As a young team, we’re often struck by the older generations willingness to share their stories and subsequent wisdom and advice. It’s enlightening to hear a perspective different from our own and reflect. It can be thought provoking and a cyclical learning experience for those involved. There are often times when we leave a session feeling warmed or struck by something someone has said. In turn we carry that with us, and it influences our mood, thought processes and outlook. Sometimes it’s one little thing that someone says that totally turns our day around.

One of the driving factors in our intergenerational work is a sense of sadness that connections between the older and younger generations can be a rarity. From our experience, as a young person living in London now, you often don’t know your older neighbours and in a lot of instances, don’t have grandparents who are in this country, or still alive. This plays a part in why we encourage young people to get involved with what we do to form authentic connections to the older people around them. We feel that both sides have so much to gain.

Life is a continual learning experience and we wanted to share some words of wisdom from our fabulous dancers, whose paths we would have never crossed if it wasn’t for dance – which just goes to show how powerful it is as a tool.

Enjoy these pearls of wisdom!

"Behave yourself, but mostly, enjoy life" - Douglas

"Just live a good life. Take care of your health. Be kind to people and they will be kind to you. Giving is kindness." - Rose

"Get married so you are not alone" - Margaret

"Be self sufficient. Don't be lazy. Don't cheat." - Robert

"always be honest." - Husseyin

"Learn to relate to other people. Listen to what people say. Be yourself." - Olive

"be careful when you find a man. Make sure he is a good man." - Sofia

"If an opportunity comes up in your life and you want to do it, just do it!" -June


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