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Love to move, move to love.

‘Nobody don’t dance no more – Kano’

Working with older adults has shown me many voids in contemporary society. However, one that is particularly apparent for me is the reduction we’ve seen, over time, in people socially dancing together.

My older participants have such a wealth of stories centred on both dance and socialising. They tell me about the regular tea dances they attended with friends, that special dance where they met their partner, and other memorable dances like their first dance at their wedding.

The hopeless romantic in me absolutely melts at the concept of finding love and its continuation being infused with movement.

For me, we’re all so technologically connected that we’re losing our ability to interact on a humanistic level. As a result, I’m on a quest to re-instate personal connection in a world of disconnect using dance.

In terms of social interaction, dance is incredible for providing an opportunity for a shared sense of enjoyment and achievement. Moving together, to music, releases a multitude of positive endorphins into our body, making us feel amazing. Alongside this, dance provides momentary escapism from everyday stress and responsibility. Sharing this sense of escapism creating a very communal amongst those who dance together.

In a romantic sense, dance is a powerful tool to get to know someone, develop a trusting relationship with them and enjoy power play within the dynamics of your relationship. I’m required to be an alpha female in most aspects of my life, however, my relationship is one place where I’d like to feel at ease with handing over the reigns and not being in control all the time. I’m an independent woman who still wants to feel nurtured and looked after. Dance provides moments for me to hold, be held, lead and be led. Building connections through movement can enable you to strengthen the bond between you and the one you love.

On that note, whether you’re recovering from love, finding love, in love, or not interested. I encourage you to move with SOMEONE! A friend in your kitchen, a stranger in a club, whoever it may be, I encourage

you to get lost in moving with someone this valentine’s day.

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