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B.A Blogs 1 year on... Why Dance still matters to me

I introduced my very first blog by discussing the ways in which dance will always manage to move me. It does indeed still move me, and has moved me through the hardest moments of my life so far since that very first blog. I’ve been grieving, heartbroken, lost, jobless, but still moving.

When I wrote the first blog, I still had the comfort and stability of my full time job, but having started The Blair Academy, felt like I was dedicating time to my dreams. Now, I actually have the privilege and responsibility of dedicating all my time to my dreams. It is a transformative, draining, testing, amazing process – and I’m still very early on in!

Most of the people I mentioned in the first blog are still inspiring me and contributing to my brand. I mentioned two men in particular who were intrinsic to the birth and subsequent growth of The Blair Academy. Courtney and Dennis were the first people (asides from me) to be paid from The Blair Academy. I cannot put into words how incredible that felt. I’ve never known it to feel so good to part with money- honestly.

As with the first blog, Dance remains a constant in my life. Even when it feels that everything is in disarray. In the time in between, I’ve danced with thousands of people and used my dream to make a social impact.

Growing up, I was told not to go into the arts. “There’s no money in the arts”.

In fact, there is money in the arts, and enjoyment, and fulfilment. Dance is a way of making this existence more interesting, healing and joyful. Regardless of your skill within an art form- practice it. Merely for your own release and empowerment.

Love, as ever.

CB x

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