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2 years of Health, Happiness and Hip Hop

I am immensely proud that we are approaching our second birthday. Two whole years of lessons, growth, impact, stress, tears, joy and fear.

In that time, I've gone from working on the floor in my studio flat alone to having two office spaces, employees and engaging over 4000 people.

There's been multiple awards, news paper articles, BBC and ITV features, trips to Oxford, and Parliament. What a journey- already! It's difficult to comprehend sometimes that we've achieved all that we've had- and even harder to comprehend that this all stems from what was once a small dream. I honestly couldn't imagine that we would have come this far in this time.

Originally, when I started the company, we focused on combatting loneliness, but later in the journey, as we progressed, I realised we were making a wider impact so I adapted our mission and vision statements.

Mission: Enriching lives through Hip Hop Dance

Vision Statement: We envisage a world where Hip Hop brings Health, Happiness and Well-being to the lives of many so that we:

-combat loneliness

-strengthen communities

-bridge social and generational gaps

We're still so early on in what i hope will be a beautiful journey. There's still so much more to learn and so much more I want to do, but I wanted to share some of my top tips that I've accumulated so far:

* Believe in yourself and your idea. No one else will if you don’t!

* Use numbers when asking for numbers. Demonstrate your impact/ sales in a quantifiable way if you’re asking for funding/investment

* Know your ‘why’

* Execute with passion

* Be prepared to make sacrifices of many sorts (the business is nearly two years old and I’ve just started to buy clothes, sleep in a bed, and eat take aways again)

* Be open to criticism and change. Don’t be too proud or defensive

Wherever you're at, and whatever your goal, keep pushing! Trust the process.

My heart is heavy in the current circumstances and I, along with so many others have lots of continuous learning to do. I will never understand but I stand with my black brothers and sisters. I am proud to own a business centred on black musical and artistic cultures. I will continue to use this platform to educate people about Hip Hop Culture. The books, music and resources we use are intended to educate, and change perceptions.

I, and The Blair Academy will always be on this fight with you.

All lives cannot matter until Black lives matter. If you don't agree with that statement, please unfollow me and do not enquire about/book my services.

Like Hip Hop, we promote love and unity.

Made your voices be heard. Protect your mental health. Stay safe.

Love always.

Blairo x

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