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Digital dance revolution?

The COVID-19 restrictions have meant that many service providers (us included) have had to improve their digital offering to still reach the people they work with.

We are incredibly proud of our service users (of all ages) for the way that they've adapted and embraced technology so that they can still engage with us.

Technology has given so many of us new ways to connect, interact and socialise. The pandemic has pushed people to get tech savvy.

However, there are still those who aren't able to engage in this way through digital exclusion, which some consider the greatest social challenge of our age.

A recent tech UK article showed that 24% of over 65's have not used the internet in the last 3 months- compared to 99% of adults aged 16-44 who use it everyday. Tech giant Vodafone also reported a 30% rise in internet traffic with consumers moving online for both work and communication.

Over 65's make up a large proportion of the people we work with, so we're hyperaware of the challenges that digital exclusion amongst this age group presents. We've had to be really explorative with how we reach people. We've done all sorts from burning DVDs to securing funding so that we can buy the technology our care homes require to engage with us.

We miss our face to face interactions so much. But it doesn't seem that we'll be able to work in this capacity any time soon. As a result, we're really having to embrace the digital age and it's possibilities. In the current climate, the internet is needed now more than even. It's even needed to access essential services like universal credit.

COVID-19 has had a detrimental effect on the sports and physical activity sector. We've had to demonstrate adaptability and bravery in our approaches.

If you work with age tech or digital solutions for the ageing population, we'd love to hear from you!

Stay safe, and keep your head up. You got this.

Love. CB

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