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From the big screen to behind a screen

We've got to admit, appearing on TV screens up and down the UK has made us feel like absolute superstars.

However, its been even better being behind a screen!

Now, thanks to the fabulous care teams in the homes that we work in, we're able to deliver our sessions from behind a screen. It's been so heartwarming to actually see our mature movers in front of us! For them, too, it's so special to have that moment of human interaction.

There's been a bit of shifting from side to side between panels, and we've already gone through a few microphone headsets in true pop star fashion. However, resilience has prevailed and we're making these sessions as interactive and engaging as possible, despite the see through barriers.

We've really noticed a decline in mobility for a lot of the people that we work with so we're continuously adapting sessions so that we can help them to regain the strength and co-ordination that they may have lost through reduced activity over the past year.

What hasn't changed is the joyful, willing nature of our participants who are eager to keep learning new moves and put on a show for their families in the summer.

Throughout the lockdown, we've seen the demand for our work even more, and so many more people in the general public have felt the effects of social isolation and loneliness. The restrictions have impacted so many people in terms of their physical and mental health. We're working on further improving our work so that we can help people focus on their Health and Happiness through Hip Hop.


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